MailChimp Integration

Studies show by sending emails in between call attempts, you can increase connections and conversions. If you do not connect with your prospect via phone call with Speak2Leads, S2L can trigger an email to generate from MailChimp to your prospect.

How to Set Up the MailChimp & S2L Integration:

1) Create 6 lists
(1 for each call attempt) 

For example:
S2L NoConnectAttempt1
S2L NoConnectAttempt2
S2L NoConnectAttempt3
S2L NoConnectAttempt4
S2L NoConnectAttempt5
S2L NoConnectAttempt6

2) Make note of the List ID for each list
Lists>Settings>List Name & Defaults>List ID
Example: 9ec99db8f6

3) Create 6 auto-responder emails for each list
This is the email content that will be sent when a lead is added to your 'NoConnect' list
You have the flexibility to schedule the email so it is sent according to best practices (graphic below).

Example: Here is the scheduling that Speak2Leads uses

In Between Campaign - Email 1: Sent 1 hour after signup or if added to list 'S2L NoConnectAttempt1' 

In Between Campaign - Email 2: Sent 3 days after signup or if added to list 'S2L NoConnectAttempt3'
In Between Campaign - Email 3: Sent 3 days after signup or if added to list "S2L NoConnectAttempt4'

In Between Campaign - Email 4: Sent 1 day after signup or if added to list 'S2L NoConnectAttempt5'

In Between Campaign - Email 5: Sent 1 week after signup or if added to list 'S2L NoConnectAttempt6"

4) Note your MailChimp API Key Account Settings> Extras>API Keys>Your API keys
Example: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-us7

5) Give the MailChimp API Key and 6 List IDs to S2L for configuration
Get in touch with us using the chat icon at the bottom right part of the screen or email us at

6) You are ready to go!