Speak2Leads + Verity CRM (Direct -)

Capitalize incoming multi-channel leads in the full student lifecycle from inquiry to application, enrollment, graduation, and beyond through Integration with Speak2Leads. Deliver value continuously >>

Verity CRM specializes in multi-system lead inputs like vendors, aggregators besides other channels. Speak2Leads prompts real-time follow-up actions helping you increase enrollments or assist in next-level actions like student follow-ups for an internal class or course admissions. Ensure comprehensive lead conversion. Simple integration to S2L is done using a direct post option with HTTP.

Direct Integration instructions

  • For HTTP Post please contact your Verity CRM representative.
  • Speak2Leads can integrate with any of your online forms, lead-gen providers, or CRM system. All we need is to receive an HTTP post or email copy of the lead's information. Most CRM systems allow you to create a rule that triggers an email or post every time a new lead enters the system.

Any questions? Get in touch with us using the chat icon at the bottom right part of the screen or email us at help@speak2leads.com.

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