1) Double- click on the campaign sequence. You can edit or add a new campaign sequence. 

2) Process > Http post
    * Drag the Http Post icon/object onto the canvas. 

3.  Double-click on the Http post object to configure the post settings. 

4. Enter the post URL.
    * You can find the URL Link on your Dashboard> Integration> Http Post
      or, go to Speak2Leads website> Help center> Search Http Post instruction.

5. Add multiple lines of Name/Value pairs.
    * Click the '+' icon to add another pair and Click the '-' to remove a pair.

Note: Here is the Name/Value Pairs
AccountID                GEN_ID
firstName                 ~Contact.FirstName~  
lastName                 ~Contact.LastName~    
Phone1                     ~Contact.Phone1~  

6. After adding Name and Value lines, verify if it is working properly by clicking on the Test button.

7. Click Back to Sequence and you are ready to publish your changes.

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