The Speak2Leads system is highly flexible and packed with enough features to fit any business model yet simple enough for anyone to set up and easily maintain. Below is the full list of features offered with our standard Lead Response service.

1)  Intelligent Routing Schedules

With intelligent routing schedules, you can route your Speak2Leads phone calls based on your business rules.

2) Call Delivery Methods: Ring Type Options & Phone Numbers

Choose the ring type option that best suits your business, i.e. step ringing, round robin, or simultaneous ringing. Calls can be delivered to a variety of phone numbers including hunt group lines, extensions, direct lines, or cell phones.

3) Tracking Performance: Representative Phone Numbers & Call Disposition

With Speak2Leads, your reps only have one job prior to speaking to their leads: answer the phone and press 2. Track representatives' performance and lead conversions through our Rep ID and Call Disposition features. You will have the visibility you need to see the effort made by each rep. Plus, you will know your speed to lead and connection percentages for each call attempt.

4) "Valid" Phone Numbers

View the phone number requirements for Speak2Leads to generate a call.

5) IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Message

The IVR message is the greeting your representatives hear when they receive the Speak2Leads call. The message announces important lead information and action prompts to take on the call.

 IVR Settings
 Prompt Options

6) Reattempts

Ensure all leads are followed up with persistently and every lead is worked for maximum conversions. Speed to lead is the number one driver of conversions, but on average only 40% of leads are reached on the initial call attempt. Our reattempt feature automates the follow up process so no leads are left on the table.

7) Lead Valet

Don't let your after hour leads go cold. Leads that come in after business hours are 'parked' in a queue and generate a call to your reps the next business day.

8) Call Recording

Your Speak2Leads calls may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

9) Acceptable Lead Formats

Speak2Leads accepts a variety of lead formats including: POST, SoapXML, JSon, and Email.

10) Post Call Notification

View call results through a post call notification.

11) Internationalization

Speak2Leads supports businesses in the United State & Canada, and we are currently expanding to many other countries.

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