Up to 72% of leads are reached after 2 calls, yet 48% never get a follow up call. If a connection is not made with the lead on the first attempt, Speak2Leads will generate follow up calls (reattempts) at optimum intervals.

Depending on the Speak2Leads plan you are using, Speak2Leads can generate includes up to 6 call attempts per lead using default intervals based on best practices. You do have the option to customize the number of reattempts and call intervals for follow up calls. Based on best practices, we recommend the following reattempt schedule:

  • Call #1 = immediate

  • Call #2 = 20 minutes later

  • Call #3 = 1:20 hours later

  • Call #4 = Day 2

  • Call #5 = Day 5

  • Call #6 = Day 8

You can make adjustments to your reattempts at any time based on your resources and results.

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