Speak2Leads – Salesforce Integration

Speak2Leads is a highly flexible automated system. It can be integrated with any CRM system that can send a real time HTTP GET or POST to Speak2Leads servers. To integrate Salesforce CRM, the following steps must be taken:

  1. You must have the Enterprise Level license. The Enterprise level comes with a feature called workflow rules which is the component that allows for posting real time information to third parties. If you do not have the Enterprise Level license and do not want to upgrade, you also have the option of buying this feature a la carte. Please contact your Salesforce rep for more information.

  2. Create a Custom Field. You will need to create a custom field for your Speak2Leads unique account ID. This account ID field will be passed to Speak2Leads with every lead.

  3. Create a Workflow Rule. This rule will trigger an outbound SOAP XML message to our servers when certain criteria are met. For example, when a new unique lead is added to Salesforce, the workflow rule will trigger the outbound message to Speak2Leads.

Creating a custom field and setting up a workflow rule is simple. Here are step-by-step instructions. Please send these instructions to your IT team.

Adding a new custom field

  1. Navigate to the Lead Fields page
    Setup>App Setup>Customize>Leads>Fields
    You should see two sections:
    1. Lead Standard Fields
    2. Lead Custom Fields & Relationships

  2. Click New on Lead Custom Fields & Relationships
    Step 1. Choose the field type
    Select Data Type>Formula
    Click Next
    Step 2. Choose output type
    Field Label: S2LAccountID
    Field Name: S2LAccountID
    Formula Return Type: Text
    Step 3. Enter formula
    <your S2L AccountId in double quotes Eg. "GEN_NNNN">
    Click Next
    Step 3. Establish field-level security
    Click Next
    Step 4. Add to page layouts
    Click Save

The new customized field should be displayed as

S2LAccountID__c Formula (Text)

Creating a Workflow Rule:

Objective: Send a Soap message to S2L when a new lead is created

To begin creating a new workflow rule, go to:
Setup > Create > Workflow and Approval > Workflow Rules > New Rule

Step 1: Select Object
Select Object = Lead
Click Next

Step 2: Configure Workflow Rule
Rule Name = Speak2Leads
Evaluation Rule = Only when a record is created
Rule Criteria = Lead: Lead Source equals Web
Click Save & Next

Step 3: Specify the Workflow Actions
From the Immediate Workflow Actions drop down menu, choose New
Outbound Message

Then set:
Name = Speak2Leads Soap
Unique Name = Speak2Leads Soap
Endpoint URL = https://s2l.speak2leads.com/main/salesforce/post
User to send as = (your internal user in your account)
Choose desired fields in the available fields box.
Click the Add arrow to move them into the Selected Fields box.
(make sure Selected Fields contains at least S2LAccountId and Phone)
Click Save!

The next window will give you an overview of the rule you just created.

Following is a list of possible fields that you can include in your Salesforce Outbound Message to Speak2Leads. The fields marked with an asterisk are required fields in order to generate a phone call. All other fields are optional. Your desired whisper message and phone routing to your sales team will determine which other optional fields you may want to include.

  • required field

Any questions? Get in touch with us using the chat icon at the bottom right part of the screen or email us at help@speak2leads.com.

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