Combining strategically timed phone calls with emails at optimum intervals between call attempts can have a significant impact on your contact and conversions rates. A Speak2Leads study* revealed prospects who receive emails in-between your phone call attempts, have a 16% greater chance to be contacted resulting in a 53% boost in conversion rates.

Speak2Leads can automatically ping your email service provider, e.g., MailChimp to trigger your 'In-Between Calls' email campaign based on the outcome of your first call attempt. If you don't connect on the first attempt, a campaign is triggered to start by sending the first email 20 minutes later (see Best Practice image above).

For optimum results, send 5 emails between your call attempts over the first 4 weeks. Sending more than five email messages before you speak to a prospect, especially this short time period, will actually reduce your conversion rates.

Emails will continue to arrive after each call attempt for up to six calls or until you speak with the prospect. As soon as you do connect, S2L tells your Email Service Provider to stop sending emails to that particular prospect.

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