When the Speak2Leads system calls your business, you will hear the system announce the lead information as well as give a series of prompt options. The prompts describe actions sales reps can take by pressing various touch tone keys. Below is a list of automated prompt options:

Press 2 (default): "Press 2 to speed dial this lead."

Pressing 2 generates the outbound call to the prospect.

Press 9 (default): "Press 9 to hear this message again."

Pressing 9 will repeat the message. By default, the system will repeat the message up to 5 times (this is adjustable).

Press 3: "Press 3 to decline and stop reattempts."

Pressing 3 declines the call and removes it from the queue.

Press 5: "Press 5 if you converted this lead."

Pressing 5 allows the representative to tag the call if they converted the lead. This announcement is played after the lead hangs up.

Pressing 5 in the middle of the call will terminate the call. Therefore, remember to press 5 once the conversation is over

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