If the Speak2Leads system reaches your representative's voicemail, no problem. The system will simply rollover to the next representative in your sequence. The system will continue the rollover process until someone presses 2 or until all phone numbers in the sequence have been dialed. The good news is, no one is waiting on the line.

It's possible your representatives may receive voicemails from the Speak2Leads system. They can simply delete any voicemails, as the call likely went to someone else.

We do have the option to enable voicemail detection. If the system detects that it reaches your representative's voicemail, the call would hang up and rollover to the next representative in line. Please keep in mind this is not 100% effective, and it is still possible (even with voicemail detection enabled) the system would not recognize the call was answered by voicemail and therefore leave a message.

Note: voicemail detection cannot be enabled if we are connecting to extensions.

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