No problem, remember no one is left waiting on the line and the prospect isn't expecting an immediate call. The prospect assumes that after they fill out your online form requesting more information, they will hopefully hear from someone in the 'not too distant future'.

However, if your business receives a Speak2Leads call and none of your representatives are available to press 2, you have several options to ensure someone attempts to reach out to the prospect as soon as possible.

  1. Reattempts: All calls that do not result in a connection with the prospect, park and generate follow-up calls. You decide the intervals between calls and how many call attempts (we can generate up to 6 total calls per lead).

2) Additional Step Ring Numbers: You can add a back up phone number or set of numbers for the Speak2Leads system to dial if no one is available. If no one answers the primary phone number(s), the call would roll over to the second phone number and so on until someone answers and presses 2 or until all of your phone numbers have been dialed.

3) Outsource: Overflow your all S2L calls to a remote Call Center. Their agents can take the S2L calls for you. Some services offer warm transfers to your team. Some can follow a script to qualify and set appointments. This ensures that ALL of your prospects receive a call immediately.

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