There are 3 ways to remove leads from the queue:

1) Manual Removal:

Manually remove the parked leads from the "Active Calls" page on the S2L Dashboard. See steps below:

• Log into your Speak2Leads dashboard. Once in the dashboard, there is a drop down menu on the top left corner. Select "Active Calls" from the drop down

• All parked leads are located on the bottom half of the page under the title "Parked Calls." You may search for a lead based on their name or phone number

• To remove a lead from the queue, simply select the call's corresponding trash can icon on the far right column

• After selecting the trash can, a pop-up will appear asking, "Are you sure you want to delete this item?." Select "OK"

• No additional call attempts will generate for this lead.

2) Stop Post: 

Set up your CRM system to trigger a POST to S2L when a specific action is taken. For example: if your representative selects the status "Contacted", your CRM system will trigger a post to Speak2Leads, which will automatically remove the lead from the parked calls list.

• To set this up, send us an email at

3) Key Press Removal: This allows you to decline and remove a call from the queue in real time by pressing 3. Click here for IVR prompts.

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