Create intelligent routing schedules to distribute calls according to your business rules. Create your routing rules with the settings and options below:

  1. Location

This determines the location your calls will be routed to. You can route calls to different locations and the time zones will be updated automatically based on geography. If you are not routing calls based on location, select "Other".

2. Nature of Inquiry
You can route your calls based on the lead's nature of inquiry. For example, if the nature of inquiry is "payroll" then all payroll leads will automatically generate calls to a specific number or representatives that handle payroll vs inquiries about insurance. If you are not routing calls based on nature of inquiry, select "Other".

3. Days and Time
These are the days and times you'd like to receive your Speak2Leads calls. Your selection should mirror your hours of operation or when you want to be available to take the calls.

Specific Hours: Select start/end times by using the drop downs.
For example, 8 am - 5 pm. The time zone matches the geographical location selected under "Location".

Open All Day: Use this if you'd like to receive calls 24 hours a day.

Closed All Day:
Use this if you are closed and do not want any calls to be generated.

4. Ring Type Options
If you are delivering calls to multiple representatives' phone numbers, this sets the method of call delivery and distribution. Speak2Leads functions as a virtual PBX.

Step Ringing: Rings representatives in a set order (1, 2, 3). If representative 1 isn't available, the call will step to representative 2, and so on. Every time there is a new call, the pattern is repeated (1, 2, 3).

Round Robin: Evenly distributes calls by ringing each representative sequentially e.g., (1,2,3). Each subsequent call will begin with the next representative in line and repeat the cycle (2,3,1), allowing for an equal distribution.

Simultaneous: Calls will ring to all phone numbers at the same time. The phone that answers first will get the call.

5. Lead types
Set unique schedules based on the lead "type". For example, you can have one schedule with unique hours and phone numbers for "Fresh Leads" and another schedule with different hours and phone numbers for "Reattempts":

Fresh Leads: Leads that arrive during business hours.

Lead Valet: Leads that arrive outside of business hours.

Reattempts: Leads that have not been connected to and subsequently generate follow-up calls for reattempts.

6. Phone Numbers
Enter the phone numbers where you want Speak2Leads to deliver calls. Speak2Leads can deliver calls to direct lines, PBX or hunt group lines, and extensions. You can add or edit numbers by selecting the "Add" or "Edit" links at the bottom of the white phone number box.

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